Friday, July 3, 2009

Meera Kahe – A legend rediscovered

There have been a spurt in the genre termed as World Music over the past years. World Music while breaking away from the straight-jacket structure of traditional music is influenced by cultures across the globe. Meera Kahe –A legend rediscovered is an Album in the genre that presents the poetry of Meera in a new perspective.The brilliant music has been composed by the musician duo Ajay-Atul with the singers Richa Sharma and Sujata Mohan doing full justice in infusing life to the compositions. The Album presents the yearning of Meera for her Lord in a moving and tender manner with a confluence of sounds.

Richa Sharma renders the first song Prabhuji tum darsan bin moye. The pain and anguish of Meera bereft of her Giridhar has been beautifully portrayed in this slow number.The sweet voice of Sujata Mohan has been utilized for the second track Parasi hari ke charan. Meera dreams of the touch of Krishna’s feet and glorifies them.These were the feets that crushed Kaalia and these were the feets that danced with the Gopis in Vrindavan. The touch of his feet will take away the sins of Meera.

In Tero koi nahi hai rokanhar, Meera after denouncing all relations and belonging leaves in search for her Lord. Richa Sharma sings this beautifully crafted song bringing out the defiant mood of Meera. The arrangement and sequencing of the instrumentation is fabulous.

Mere to Giridhar Gopala,the popular Meera number has been rendered by Sujata Mohan. This particular number have been rendered by the likes of Lata Mangeshkar and M.S.Subbulakshmi wherein Meera declares that Krishna is her one and only. The composition brings out the feelings of Meera.

Daras mare begi dijyo ji by Richa Sharma is a fast paced number where Meera begs Krishna to reveal in flesh and blood to her. The desperate call of Meera has been expressed by the rich voice of the singer.The crowning piece of the Album is Sakhi meri neend nasani ho sung by Richa Sharma and Pyaare darshan dijyo aaj by Sujata Mohan. Both are emotive and moving numbers presenting heart-rending calls of Meera to have a glimpse of her Lord. The music and the vocals rise in crescendo in tandem with the devotional fervour of Meera’s poetry which makes a lasting impression on the listeners mind.
The Album has been released by Kosmic Music,Chennai This Album is a must buy for music lovers for this unique attempt.

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