Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bhajan Dhyanam by Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty

Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty is the name that has carved out an unique place among the luminaries of Indian Classical music in the past three decades.This exponent of Patiala Gharana and Guru at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy has also been at the forefront in imparting training to younger talents at Shrutinandan, the Musical Academy established by him. Being an expert in Kirtan style of singing, the devotionals by Pt.Ajoy Chakraborty has endeared the listeners by the ‘sweetness’ of his rendition.

Bhajan Dhyanam has been conceived by Hemant Mattani of Sona Rupa Ltd.,U.K. who is the man behind many successful Albums. This Album composed by Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty has a selection of the very best in devotional poetry. The ten numbers in the Album has been rendered by Ajoy Chakraborty himself and his talented daughter Kaushiki as well as his singer-wife Chandana.

The Album begins with a Stuti in honor of Lord Ganesha,
Adi Pujita padapankajamapadamapa-ghatakam by Ajoy Chakraborty. The invocation to the accompaniment of Phakawaj speaks about melting away of all obstacles thus paving the way for success by the Lord.

The prayer is followed by Talfai bina aalam more jiya by Kabir sung by Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty. The voice modulation perfectly conveys the acute pang of separation that Kabir suffers being away from His Lord with utmost sensitivity. The beautiful poetry of Lalit Kishori follows the number in the voice of the Maestro. Re nirmohi cchabi darashaye jaa epitomizes the intense outpourings straight from the bottom of the heart by the devotee-poetess. The Maestro leaves the listener spell bind in this portrayal of the pinnacle of devotion. The signature line is mesmerizing.
….Lalit Kishori Nain chakoran, Dyuti mukhchand dikhaye jaa, Bhayo chahat yeh pran batohi, roose pathik manaye jaa..

Saint Ravi Das composition Ab kaise chhute raam rat laagi is the fourth number sung by Kaushiki. The poetry expounds the universal presence of God in every nook and corner and the inseparable relationship of the devotee and the Lord. This lone number by this exceptionally talented singer matches to the brilliance of her father.

Jai Jai Devi Jai Jaga Janani, a composition in praise of Goddess Saraswati by Swati Thirunal forms the next number by Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty sung to the accompaniment of chorus. Koi kahiyo re the Meerabai number is sung by Chandana. The ecstasy of Meera has been perfectly portrayed.

Pt Ajoy Chakraborty continues to excel in the compositions of Surdas and Tulsidas i.e, Prabhu Mere Gun Avagun /Jaun Kahan and Hari Patit Pawan. These soothing numbers grows on the listener as one hears them over and over. The last number is a duet by Chandana and Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty of a Kabir composition, Subhan Teri Kudrat Mein Kurbaan.Kabir reveres the supreme power that has created this universe. This graceful number once again is able to infuse the mood of submission.

A must-keep Album for music lovers. The Album has been released in India by Times Music .

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