Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DVD Set of Kahkashan : A Collector's delight

A pioneering initiative was taken by the noted Urdu poet Ali Sardar Jafri in producing the TV Series during early nineties named Kahkashan which was a lively portrayal of a galaxy of modern Urdu poets. The TV Series extending over 18 parts told the lives and times of Hasrat Mohani, Josh Malihabadi, Jigar Moradabadi, Majaaz, Firaq Gorakhpuri and Makhdoom Mohiuddin. The series was directed by Jalal Agha and the music was composed by none other than Jagjit Singh. Kahkashan in a way saw the culmination of creative genius of Jagjit Singh after the Gulzar magnum opus Mirza Ghalib. Some thirty and odd selection of poems in the series have been beautifully composed keeping in view the personality of the poet and demand of the situation in the series.

The authentic depiction of lives of these poets was possible as Ali Sardar Jafri himself had the opportunity of associating with most these poets.Ali Sardar Jafri represented the last crop of eminent poets who were involved in the freedom movement and have truly believed in the friendship between India and Pakistan. All these poets lived in the turbulent times of the pre-independence era and have gone through the moments of trauma of partition. Now, this rare 2-Disc DVD Set is available which is certainly an Collector’s item.

DVD 1 depicts the series relating to Hasrat, Jigar,Firaq and Makhdoom.DVD 2 depicts the series relating to Majaaz, Josh and remaining parts relating to Firaq and Makhdoom. The choice of artistes in the series with its racy narrative littered with exquisite compositions of Jagjit Singh makes it an interesting watch. Farooq Sheikh as Hasrat, Raj Zutshi as Jigar, Pareekshit Sahni as Josh and Irfan Khan as Makhdoom have played the characters to the hilt.

Hasrat Mohani was a freedom fighter who spent almost a decade in penal servitude for writings considered as seditious by the British Government. He is the poet who has penned the hugely popular Chupke Chupke Raat Din. One would wish the refrain to continue in this soft number by Jagjit where Hasrat recites this poem in the jail remembering his wife. Roshan Jamaal-e-yaar se hai anjuman tamaam… (The beauty of my beloved is lighting the whole festivity……) is the arresting number.The Chitra Singh number in the serial Ab to uth sakta nahin..is again a soft number with sensitive portrayal by Deepti Naval. Khayal-e-ghair ko dilse mitado yaa Rasool Allah.. sung by Ram Shankar in chorus is another highlight of the series. The scene is the grinding of the mill stones by Hasrat and his fellow prisoners in the Naini Jail.

The series on Jigar considered as the mentor of Majrooh Sultanpuri has a solemn number from Jagjit -Muddat mein who phir taaza mulaqat ka aalam..The series on Firaq presents the loneliness and the misery that haunted this Jnanapith Award winner which was reflected in his poetry. Jagjit’s Kisika yun to hua kaun umr bhar ke liye…. and Ghazal ka saaz uthao bahut udaas hai raat…. are mesmerizing.

The series on Majaaz have delicately presented the personal life of the poet wherein he falls in love for a married woman and faced with the improbability of the whole affair was devastated. The heart touching Jagjit numbers Dekhna jazba-e-mohabbat ka asar aaj ki raat…. and Ae gham-e-dil kya karoon /Ae vaishat-e-dil kya karoon…makes the series all the more lively.

The dilemma faced by Josh when he has to migrate to Pakistan under pressure from his family members have been brought to live by Pareekshit Sahni. Till his death Josh could not reconcile to this trauma. It is evident in his poetry. Aye vatan mere vatan …and Kya hind ka zindaan…. are the numbers that suffices it. Jagjit Singh’s Tujhse ruksat ki who sham-e-aske-afsaan hai hai… and Kisko aati hai maee haee kise awaz doon… synthesizes into the ambience of the series .
Makhdoom was a revolutionary poet who was an active member of the Communist Party .The portrayal of this challenging character has been done justice by Irfan Khan. Nine poems of Makhdoom has been selected for the series and is sung by Kumar Shanu, Asha Bhonsle, and Vinod Sehgal. However the focal point remains the Jagjit numbers Raat bhar deeda-e-namaak mein lahrate raho…. and Ishq ke shole ko bhadkao to kuchh raat kate… For those who cannot understand the difficult Urdu couplets, the series provides subtitle in English which is an added advantage.

The DVD is released by Madhu Entertainment and Media Pvt. Ltd.,Shah Industrial Estate, Off Veera Desai Road,Mumbai-53.The DVD is also available for online shopping at Moviemart.in. The Set is a must-buy for owning this piece of musical legacy.

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