Monday, June 29, 2009

Meera - Voices from the deserts of India

Like Kabir,the theme of Meera has been a constant favourite among the singers. There is no dearth of Albums with selections from ecstatic poetry of Meerabai. MEERA-Voices from the desert of India is an attempt to present the timeless poetry of Meera sung by the traditional singers of Rajasthan which have their legacy over the past centuries.The singers Padmaram and Maheshram are members of the Meghwal community who specializes in singing devotionals of Kabir,Meera,Gorakh and Sadaram.The Album has a selection of eight tracks,with Padmaram singing six tracks and Maheshram the remaining two. These traditional compositions carries the flavour of the region which is further heightened by the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments as Tandura,Kamayacha,Sarangi,Khadtaal and Dholak.

The Album begins with Sawariyo Parnay sung soulfully by Maheshram where Meera speaks-
Rana,why should I marry a man
Who will die birth after birth?
I will marry the Dark one Shyam…
The music and the voice brings out the intense longing of Meera.
Le liyo Bairagi ro bhes and Nath Tum jaanat ho speaks of the adoration of Meera for her Lord.The melancholic strain of Padmaram’s singing makes them a listeners delight.

Ritu aai bolat meera/Nache Nandalal/Dwaraka wasi are the three compositions that presents the joyous mood of Meera in praise of her Lord where metaphors fall short in praise of her Giridhari.These songs create a sublime experience for the listeners .Surat Hari Naam se (My love is only for Hari’s name) is the number where Meera professes her intense longing for her Lord oblivious to the ways of the world.

The Album finishes with the charming number Kanha raja Mohiyo Bairagi re sung by Maheshram wherin Meera sings in ecstasy praising her Lord after being accepted as the disciple by Saint Ravidas.She imagines Lord Kanha to be coming in different form to accept her offerings .A moving and melodious number which lingers in the mind of the listener.
The sleeve notes gives a translation of these poetry in English.The Album is released by Ninaad in association with Patrika TV,Jaipur. Information on buying the Album can be obtained from the website

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