Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karuna by Jagjit Singh

The king of GhazalsJagjit Singh has been equally successful in his Devotional Albums, since the release of Live concert recording ‘Hare Krishna’ in 1998.His magical voice has been able to convey the sublime themes with equal élan .Karuna-A cry for compassion is one such Album bringing out the Jagjit Singh magic.

All the eight devotionals are penned by Kavi Narayan Aggarwal who has written devotional poetry for the leading vocalists including Pt Jasraj, Pt.Bhimsen Joshi, Kishori Amonkar etc. The Album mentions the songs to evoke grace of the Supreme Lord. Simplicity has been the hallmark of poetry of Narayan Aggarwal and the devotionals in the Album are a testimony to the fact.

The Album starts with
Tum Karuna ke sagar ho prabhu/
Meri gagar bhardo/Thake paon hai door gaon hai/
Ab to kripa kardo
This soothing number is followed by an eulogy to Lord Rama,Patita paban naam tiharo.
The Album has four Krishna Bhajans, Krishna hai sraddha/Shyam charan man bhaye/Tum peer haro braj ke swami/Shyam naam ras barse.The singing communicates the sense of surrender to the Lord and is certain to elevate the mood and spirits of the world-weary souls. The sweet compositions in the gifted voice make all the difference. One can go on hearing them any number times and each time the compositions would sound fresh.
The other two compositions Sumiran karle charo bela and Jeevan ki Prabhu Saanjh Bhayee hai completes the Album. The poetry stresses on the ephemeral nature of the surroundings and prays to the Lord for deliverance .Once again Jagjit Singh comes up with a winning composition bringing forth the divine aspiration of the poet.

The Album has been released by EMI and marketed in India by Virgin Records. An MP3 version of the Album is also available. A brilliant Album.

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