Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dhyan by Purushottam Das Jalota : Soulful Bhajans

Purushottam Das Jalota has been considered as the great master of Bhajans. Unlike his son Anup Jalota, his Albums though few in numbers are a cut above the rest. Most of the recording companies can not boast of enough titles of the Bhajan Samrat. Even the oldest recording company HMV has only a single double LP released in 1985 titled ‘Bhajan Satsang’ as a notable recording of Purushottam Das Jalota in its catalogue. The Album in review is Dhyan released in 1996 which has been re-released under the label of NA Classical.

This Album contains bhajans by the Master along with his disciple Sandhya Jain. Poetry of Meerabai/ Tulsidas/ Kabir/ Narayan Swami has been selected. These devotee-poets sought the Divine for the sake of the Divine and nothing else which is reflected in their poetry .The challenge lies with the singer to impersonate these feelings to create that aura of spirituality in their rendition. The rendition by Purushttamdas Jalota scores on this point.

The first Bhajan of the Album is the Meerabai poetry Nahin Aiso Janam Payo sung in Raag Aasavari. This is followed by Kabir’s Bhajan bina birtha janam sung in Raag Bhairav. Both are solo numbers by the Master himself .Accompanied by minimal embellishment of musical instruments, the graceful vocals entice the listeners. The third Bhajan is again sung by Purushottamdas in Raag Jogiya. The number is Meerabai’s Main Shyam Diwani Mera Dard Naa Jaane Koye. The Master creates the magic through his rich tapestry of vocals.

Sandhya Jain gifted with a mellifluous voice sings the fourth number in Raag Kalyan. The prayer by Tulsidas Sri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajamana has been sung with devotion .The next number is Meerabai’s Sun ri maine hari awan ki awaz sung in Raag Maand by Sandhya Jain as solo. Though a difficult number, Sandhya Jain gracefully renders the composition.

The seventh Bhajan is Narayan Swami’s Man mohan jaki drusti padat sung in Raag Kaharva by Purushottamdas Jalota. Master in his craft, Purushottam Das Jalota again gives an enchanting performance. Kabir’s popular number Mat Kar Moh tu Hari Bhajan Ko maan Re has been sung in Raag Pilu by Sandhya Jain. This sweet number is further enriched by the sweet voice of Sandhya Jain. The last number of the Album is a duet sung by the Master and his disciple in Raag Bhairav in Dadra Taal. The song is penned by Kavi Narayan Aggarwal.

The number Jis Desh mein , Jis bhesh mein, Parivesh mein raho/Radha raman Radha Raman kaho is a sheer delight where the Maestro sings the interludes ,while the refrain is followed by Sandhya Jain. The listener is immersed in the sense of surrender to the Lord.
….In whichever country you live, attire you don and environment you dwell/Recite Radha Raman ,Radha Raman….

This Album is a must-keep for those having interest in devotional music.


  1. Dear Friend, I stumbled upon your pages while searching through the web . I had been looking for a few numbers by P D Jalota. Your pages look attractive and the posts are most endearing.At the age of 63 I do not know how to search or how to download them. I thought the "right click system" will help me. Although I failed I feel blessed to go through a couple of your posts. They are nice, came right from the heart and with an enviable composition. Great. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Vijayji for visiting my post.
    The pictures on the post can very well be downloaded.Simply select the image and save the same by right clicking on your mouse.Coming to Purshottamdasji, his collections are available in a 16-volume CD Compilation by NA Classical and are available.