Monday, June 29, 2009

Temple Music of Vaishnavas by Pt. Jasraj

Haveli Sangeet as it is called revolves around poetry of Astacchap poets belonging to the cult founded by Vallabhacharya based on devotion of of ‘mind, body and wealth’ to Lord Krishna. Devotional Music has been the forte of Pt.Jasraj and more so particularly for the Haveli Sangeet. His earlier release in 1989 ‘Echoes of Temple Music’ under the label of Magnasound is an outstanding Album relating to the Krishna Seva songs.

The recently released 2-Volume CD is a rendition of this exponent of Mewati Gharana in a live recording at Kenigston Town Hall, London in 2000.The Album starts with invocatory prayer Chinta Sanatan and Om Namo Narayan Dhun. The two prayers builds up the atmosphere for taking the listeners through a spiritual intoxication.

The first number Ho Charanar Patraki Chhaiya in Raga Puriya Dhanashree is where the devotee pleads with the Lord to grant him a place at HisLotus feet .It is followed by Ghata Bhara Dehu Kakhuti Tab Dehun in Raga Gauri conveying the theme of Radha and Krishna. The last number in CD 1 is the popular Mai Mero Mana Mohiyo where Radha speaks of her devotion to Lord Krishna. The rendition by the legend , as it traverses through varied scales and notes depicts an intense spiritual expression creating a sublime atmosphere. The rich and expressive voice of the Maestro makes all the difference.

The CD 2 starts with Saint Paramananda’s Mai Meethe Hari Ju Ke Bolana in Raga Maru Bihag. The song speaks about the sheer sweetness embodied in uttering the name of Sri Krishna.The highlight of the song is the perfect violin ensemble accompanying the rendition by Kala Ramnath.The next number is Lal Gopal Gulal Hamari by Krishnadas sung in Raga Adi Basant.This song in praise of Lord Krishna rendered slowly heightens the feelings of the poet in utmost devotion to his Lord. The last number is a favorite of Pt.Jasraj himself,Vraje Vasantam Navanneta Choram by Vallabhacharya sung in Raga Piloo. A soothing number sung in the traditional style wherein the main refrain is followed by supporting vocalists Tripti Mukherjee/Suman Ghosh.This piece is a perfect piece which epitomizes the theme of Krishna Bhakti. It is He who causes restlessness, yet it is the utterance of His name that brings peace to troubled hearts. Listening to the Album is an ethereal experience.
The Album has earlier been released separately by Navras Records,U.K. in 2002 and 2006 respectively and released in India as 2 CD Set in 2009 by Sony & BMG Music .

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